Marketing With Soul & Purpose

Wellness Pro Launch was created with one main purpose, to help wellness pros...

Team Members

Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

- Sebastian Muenda

Sebastian Muenda officially entered the marketing world in 2014. When he joined a marketing agency as an intern and within less than 30 days he was invited to be part of the head strategy team.

He was promoted so quickly due to his past experience as a business owner (Cafe & Wellness center) and his visionary skills to quickly problem solve.

As a visionary, he has a great understanding of all aspects of marketing. His strengths are in overall sales strategy (sales funnel), media buying (Facebook ads) and copywriting.

Another of his strengths is that he can look at marketing from all angles, as a business owner, a marketer, and a customer.

Web & Graphic Designer - Jaya Phillips

Jaya is web & graphic designer, mother, and sound healer. Check out Jaya's portfolio by clicking on the images below.



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