Case Study:

Amrit Yoga Institute

Challenge Launch Project

Case Study:

Amrit Yoga Institute

Challenge Launch Project

Our Client

Amrit Yoga Institute was founded by Gurudev Shri Amritji, who is one of the handful of gurus who came to America from India in the early 1960's.

AYI's primary focus is to ensure these sacred yogic teachings become and remain accessible to practitioners worldwide.

During the pandemic, the were forced like many to offer online training to be able to still function and keep their institute afloat. But the faced one dilemma that was guidance and support to be able to achieve online success.

The Challenge

While having a well establish institute and decent sized email list over 10K. Their online presence and attendance was minimal.

With upcoming trainings and certifications they need a solution that would help increase their presence and attendance of all future trainings.

Our Solution

In the beginning, we focused on clarifying their message, mission and student/teacher paths to success. Making sure who ever visited their site knew clearly the best paths to choose.

Next we focused on a 5-Day Challenge Launch model to bring tons of value and awareness to help funnel participants into their Spiritual Lifestyle Training program.

The Results

We brought in 1,586 participants to their challenge. Over 1,300 people attended the first day of their challenge. This by far has been the biggest turn out they have ever had online and for any training they've have ever offered.

This Challenge generated $20,371 in revenue collected and reignited their email list and community. Which was exactly what they need to help them shift their efforts to online education and trainings.

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Some praise from clients

"He took us from zero to over 22K in the first month..."

We hired Sebastian to help us launch our business into existence. As a first time business owner I felt lost and scared but thanks his coaching and guidance we were able to create instant success. Sebastian took us from zero to over 22K in the first month, of which around 18K was recurring revenue.

Thanks to him we had a great start. And now two years later we had to expand into a new bigger location to be able to accommodate and handle our growing customer base. Without Sebastian's initial work and results we would not be were we are today.


Marlo Planas

Founder, Stop & Play

"We made over 10K in sales by spending less than $500.."

I’ve been extremely happy with how Sebastian has helped our company grow so quickly. Since working with him our revenue has doubled and we’ve had a huge ROI using Facebook ads. We have made over 10K in sales by spending less than $500 on Facebook Ads…


James Goodlatte

Founder, Fit For Birth



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